Thursday, 8 April 2010

Here is a nice idea: Handmade business cards

Ok, so you are attending an event or a meeting and just realised you got no business cards left and no time to print more. Here is an idea... just make your own! What's more caring and personal than that? I know it might be time consuming but it's not so hard to make about 10 for fun. Between us, I know anyway that you will spend days trying to make up your mind on a design when it's time to print...

So set your mind free, open your drawers and take out your pencils, old cardboard, stickers, stamps or whatever you can think of! It's wonderful that you don't have to think square anymore. You can have triangles ones, round ones or even bunny shapes if you dare to cut the shape. It's up to you. You can make them all different or keep them in line with the others. Just try to keep a size that would fit comfortably in a wallet, and that's about it!

I'm posting my own experiment for you to see, as many as I have got left. I just had some cards printed finally but I really loved those ones I made by hand, and I will still be giving them out too!


Guillaume said...

nice cards indeed. i like when business cards are personal, that makes a difference.

Plastic cards said...

Captivating designs for business cards representing the profession...It`s an effort that deserves appreciation..thumbs up..