Saturday, 24 January 2009

The story of the lonely monster

This is my new little creation and his adventure in the woods as he described it to me when he got back home from his walk.

" I've been waiting for my imaginary friend today in the park...When he showed up we immediately started playing hide and seek, climbing on the trees and relaxing by the sea! It was such a peaceful day. The birds were singing songs to us and the flowers where laughing with our mischief.

We had all the time to sit down and dream, talk and enjoy the beautiful scents of the woods. Then we were swinging by a broken gate watching the cars pass by as my fur blew in the strong wind . We got the train back eventually after we watched the sun go down.

I hope I will find him tomorrow in the park again..."

If you want to see many more pictures of his adventure checkout my Flickr stream!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Kaleidoscopic eyes

These are the experiments i did this weekend with a 'kaleidoscopic' lens and my camera. The results came out magic! Some experimenting brought out crazy colorful and beautiful patterns and also other more scary and dark compositions. I love the patterns that can be created by the blending of a face and body parts, and the complex patterns that appear from some other objects like Lego, lighting shades, toys, fruits and more!

The set up if you want to experiment too is pretty simple. The 'kaleidoscope' is actually a type of prism mounted inside a piece of recycled cardboard that I aligned with the camera lens, so that when you look through your camera's viewfinder, your subject will appear in a symmetrical, kaleidoscopic pattern!

By changing the distance between the kaleidoscope and camera, as well as playing with the camera's zoom, the patterns shift and change as the light moves through the prism. Just moving the kaleidoscope slightly can produce totally different patterns - there are an infinite number of ways to shoot the same subject! Have fun!

Monday, 5 January 2009

2009 - Last year for Polaroid Instant Film

Happy 2009! The last year for Polaroid Instant film!

Buy it, play around, love it and make the most out of it this new year because the last Polaroid films expire in September 2009...

I fell in love and bought my Polaroid Spirit 600 CL recently in a flea market in Berlin, but haven't taken a lot of pictures yet since the last films available are very expensive, but i can say it's definitely a big loss for all Polaroid lovers. The bright side is that Fuji has released their own instant camera, but unfortunately the film cannot be used for Polaroids.

If you got some time though, share your pictures and stories in Flickr, sign the petitions in and enjoy taking pictures!

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