Saturday, 24 January 2009

The story of the lonely monster

This is my new little creation and his adventure in the woods as he described it to me when he got back home from his walk.

" I've been waiting for my imaginary friend today in the park...When he showed up we immediately started playing hide and seek, climbing on the trees and relaxing by the sea! It was such a peaceful day. The birds were singing songs to us and the flowers where laughing with our mischief.

We had all the time to sit down and dream, talk and enjoy the beautiful scents of the woods. Then we were swinging by a broken gate watching the cars pass by as my fur blew in the strong wind . We got the train back eventually after we watched the sun go down.

I hope I will find him tomorrow in the park again..."

If you want to see many more pictures of his adventure checkout my Flickr stream!

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