Friday, 14 May 2010

Yesterday's Lasers

It was the end of a tough day working until late, when suddenly before I turn off my iMac I thought to load up the Photo Booth application for the first time and play around...Here are the results...unexpected and surreal! Shot with the Light Tunnel effects on and then I just did some color correction in Photoshop.

The crazy almost laser eye effect on the first picture is thanks to my huge glasses!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Campus Party Europe 14-18/04

Having survived the volcano ashes, here I am, back to Liverpool ready to share some of my experiences from the Campus Party Europe in Madrid - a party that is considered to be the biggest event in technology, creativity and digital culture online in the world!
800 people from different countries participate in this huge networking party and I had the honor to be invited and also to present some of my work.

I felt satisfied in every aspect I was expecting the party to have. I enjoyed the talks about creativity, design and innovation from some leading people and companies around the world like Paul Bennett from IDEO, Ben Hammersley, editor of Wired UK, Sebastian Sylwan from the production team behind the film AVATAR who gave an inspiring talk and shared some secrets of the making of of the film, and many more.

The talks were only one part of the event, since while walking around the lounge and watching some talks outside the creative area you could see and meet a variety of talented people involved in science, modding, development, blogging and robotics. A huge mixture of people that have worked for NASA, to new and young talented stars - a really good opportunity for social networking and exchanging ideas.

Outside the events I was overwhelmed by some installation art and interactive interfaces exhibited on the Future Campus Area. Two of my favorites were the "Dreaming Pillow" an interactive installation inviting users into dream-like sensations and "Earthwalk" - an installation based on Google Earth.

Here are are the people that represented our Greek community in the conference that were a pleasure to meet and see their work. Emmanuel Vantarakis, Panagiotis Alefragis, Georgina Malavazou, Konstantina Zoehrer, Vasilis Magoulas, Emmanuel Vohaitis, Panayotis Vryonis, Kyriaki Iatropouli

Many thanks to the excellent organisation, help and care for everybody, until we are all back home, safe and sound!