Monday, 15 December 2008

Mr Tri

He is Mr Tri, my little new creation. He is a bit mischief and likes jumping on my lego tree... Merry Christmas everybody!

Friday, 5 December 2008

My Fisheye

So as i promised before here are some pictures i've taken with my fisheye...Don't judge me too's more difficult than i thought, but i keep on trying. At first i started taking pictures without thinking too much (the number one rule of lomography!) but with no sunny weather and my poor skills i ended up with loads of grey boring photos. It's quite rewarding when you finally manage to get a good one though!! So now i keep notes on a sketchbook and doing experiments with the flash, the shutter, the light so that i get to know what worked well end what didnt went so well...keep your eyes here for news of a project that will bring together lomographers in a cool new experience!

Onedotzero Adventures in Motion

It's been a while since it took place but I thought it's worth posting some pictures of the 2008 onedotzero Festival at the BFI in London. I didn't see all the screenings but everything I saw was definately worth the trip. I once again saw Musicotherapie Film which I'd seen in the past at the Pictoplasma Character Animation Festival in 2007, and I'm still wondering why it wasn't on the final DVD collection... one of the funniest animations ever! Worth mention was the work by David O'Reilly, Tokyoplastic (who premiered the first of three animated shorts, "The Praying Machine"), a superb collage animation by Run Wrake, and many other great works by artists from around the globe. Also worth a mention is John Raskin's fantastic "I Met The Walrus"; a continual flow of surreal visualisation, illustrating every word spoken by John Lennon in an impromteu interview with 14 year old Beatle fanatic Jerry Levitan in 1969.

The film Choking Man was also a sweet story with nice little animations by Marina Zurkow. There was a post screening Q&A with director Steve Barron as well as Octavio Gómez who played the film's chronically shy protagonist.

Doodle earth was one of the fun interactive installations. Selected Illustrators have created an animated city film, upon which the public was invited to take a pen and add to the evolution of the city!