Monday, 22 February 2010

People I've never met and conversations I've never had!

These two illustrations are a cooperation between me and my friend Steven Chan for the Nobrow Competition. The competition is calling for artists to illustrate people that they have never met and conversations they never had.

That was a great fun project and my first collaborative illustrations. The work has been traveling between us back and forth until some hours before the deadline! It was fantastic and I think If there wasn't a deadline we could keep playing around and passing it to each other forever!

Steven Chan and I will be an illustration couple under the name Fairytale Asylum and this work is our first one! Be aware there is much more on the way!

Our Illustrations on Flickr:
People I've never met
Conversations I've never had

The Nobrow submissions on Flickr

Enjoy Ste's work at:

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