Thursday, 7 May 2009

It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

I saw the work of Elsa Mora a long time ago on Flickr, her 'Blossom Buddies' ...and I thought, what a beautiful mind she has!

Then today I realised that this thought is much more true than I ever imagined! After all that time, I came across her blogs and saw more of her work and read a lot about her life and perceptions. It's amazing to see how truly pure, lovely and talented she is, you can see it in everything she creates; paper sculptures, drawings, jewllery and most important the beautiful, poetic way she writes and thinks.

I was very moved by the quotes she refers to and the concepts that surround every project that she has made. The 'Inner Thread' project espcecially touched my heart. The sculpture is breath taking, but the impulse that inspired her to create this piece is even more inspiring. It's wonderful to see the beautiful ways that some people can find to interpret life and the events that are happening to them whether they are good, or bad. I wish everybody could express themselves in this way; so that anger, sadeness, stress and all those emotions that eat away inside us could be transformed into something beautiful.

Elsita's blog
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